Kinds of Dicotyledoneae

North American Dicots
not yet including Mexico

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Scientific name -- Other names
Dicotyledoneae -- Dicots; Dicotyledonae
Anacardiaceae -- Cashews; Sumacs
Meliaceae -- Mahoganies; Chinaberry
Moraceae -- Mulberries; Figs
Myrtaceae -- Bottlebrushes; Myrtles; Gums; Eucalyptus trees
Nyctaginaceae -- Four-o-clocks; Hairy umbrella-wort; Sand-verbena; Scarlet musk-flower; Bougainvillea
Oleaceae -- Fringe tree; Goldenbells; Lilacs; Olives; Privets; Ashes
Theaceae -- Gordoniaceae_homonym

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