Kinds of Anura Panama

Frogs and Toads in Panama

Dedicated in memory of Stan Rand, 1932-2005.
Your frogs and friends in Panama miss you.

Ashley MacDonald, Marie Bottomley, Andrew Durso, Elizabeth Nixon, Thao Quan & John Pickering,
University of Georgia, Athens.

Compiled from Herps of Panama , American Museum of Natural History,
Amphibian Species of the World
and other sources.

Scientific name -- Other names
Bufonidae -- True toads
   Atelopus certus Barbour, 1923 -- Darien stubfoot toad
   Atelopus chiriquiensis Shreve, 1936 -- Lewis stubfoot toad
   Atelopus glyphus Dunn, 1931 -- Pirri range stubfoot toad
   Atelopus limosus Ibáńez, Jaramillo and Solís, 1995
   Atelopus varius (Lichtenstein and Martens, 1856) -- Harlequin toad; Harlequin frog; Clown frog; Painted frog; Veragoa stubfoot toad
   Atelopus zeteki Dunn, 1933 -- Panamanian golden frog
   Bufo alatus Thominot, 1884
   Bufo coccifer Cope, 1866 -- Southern roundgland toad
   Bufo coniferus Cope, 1862 -- Evergreen toad; Talamanca toad; Green climbing toad
   Bufo fastidiosus (Cope, 1875) -- Pico blanco toad
   Bufo granulosus Spix, 1824 -- Granular toad; Common lesser toad
   Bufo haematiticus Cope, 1862 -- Truando toad; Blackbelly toad; Litter toad; Smooth-skinned toad; Sapito hojarasca
   Bufo margaritifer (Laurenti, 1768) -- Mitred toad; South american common toad
   Bufo marinus (Linnaeus, 1758) -- Cane toad; Giant toad; Marine toad; Sapo grande
   Bufo melanochlorus Cope, 1877 -- Dark green toad
   Bufo peripatetes Savage, 1972 -- Almirante trail toad
   Crepidophryne epiotica (Cope, 1875) -- Cerro utyum toad
   Rhamphophryne acrolopha Trueb, 1971 -- Cerro mali beaked toad
   Rhinella spinulosa Schmidt, 1857 -- Flatnose toad
Centrolenidae -- Glass frogs
   Centrolene ilex (Savage, 1967) -- Limon giant glass frog; Centrolenella ilex
   Cochranella albomaculata (Taylor, 1949) -- White-spotted cochran frog; Centrolenella albomaculata
   Cochranella euknemos (Savage and Starrett, 1967) -- San jose cochran frog; Centrolenella euknemos
   Cochranella granulosa (Taylor, 1949) -- Grainy cochran frog; Centrolenella granulosa
   Cochranella spinosa (Taylor, 1949) -- Spiny cochran frog; Centrolenella spinosa
   Espadarana prosoblepon (Boettger, 1892) -- Nicaragua giant glass frog
   Hyalinobatrachium chirripoi Taylor, 1958 -- Suretka glass frog
   Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum (Taylor, 1949) -- Plantation glass frog
   Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni (Boettger, 1893) -- Fleischmanns glass frog; Northern glassfrog; Hyalinobatrachium fleishmanni
   Hyalinobatrachium pulveratum (Peters, 1873) -- Chiriqui glass frog
   Hyalinobatrachium valerioi Dunn, 1931 -- La palma glass frog; Reticulated glass frog
   Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum (Starrett and Savage, 1973) -- Starretts glass frog
Dendrobatidae -- Dart-poison frogs; Poison arrow frogs
   Colostethus chocoensis (Boulenger, 1912) -- Choco rocket frog
   Colostethus flotator (Dunn, 1931) -- Rainforest rocket frog
   Colostethus inguinalis (Cope, 1868) -- Common rocket frog
   Colostethus latinasus (Cope, 1863) -- Truando rocket frog
   Colostethus nubicola (Dunn, 1924) -- Boquete rocket frog
   Colostethus pratti (Boulenger, 1899) -- Pratts rocket frog
   Colostethus talamancae (Cope, 1875) -- Talamanca rocket frog
   Dendrobates arboreus Myers, Daly and Martinez, 1984 -- Polkadot poison frog
   Dendrobates auratus (Girard, 1855) -- Gold arrow-poison frog; Green and black poison frog; Green and black poison-dart frog; Green and black poison-arrow frog; Green poison-arrow frog; Green and golden poison-arrow frog; Golden poison-arrow frog; Green poison frog
   Dendrobates claudiae Jungfer, Lotters, and Jorgens, 2000
   Dendrobates fulguritus Silverstone, 1975 -- Yellowbelly poison frog; Yellow-bellied poison-arrow frog; Yellow-bellied poison frog; Minyobates fulguritus
   Dendrobates minutus Shreve, 1935 -- Bluebelly poison frog; Blue-bellied poison-arrow frog; Blue-bellied poison frog; Minyobates minutus
   Dendrobates pumilio Schmidt, 1857 -- Strawberry poison frog; Flaming poison-arrow frog; Strawberry poison-dart frog; Red-and-blue poison frog; Flaming poison frog
   Dendrobates speciosus Schmidt, 1857 -- Splendid poison frog; Splendid poison-arrow frog
   Dendrobates vicentei Jungfer, Weygoldt and Juraske, 1996
   Epipedobates maculatus (Peters, 1873) -- Confusing poison frog
   Phyllobates lugubris (Schmidt, 1857) -- Lovely poison-arrow frog; Lovely poison frog
   Phyllobates vittatus (Cope, 1893) -- Golfodulcean poison frog; Golfodulcean poison-arrow frog
Hylidae -- Treefrogs; Chorus frogs; True treefrogs
   Agalychnis calcarifer Boulenger, 1902 -- Splendid leaf frog; Phyllomedusa calcarifer
   Agalychnis callidryas Cope, 1862 -- Red-eyed treefrog; Gaudy leaf frog; Rana calzonudo
   Agalychnis litodryas (Duellman and Trueb, 1967) -- Maroon-eyed treefrog; Maroon-eyed leaf frog; Pink-sided leaf frog
   Agalychnis spurrelli Boulenger, 1913 -- Gliding leaf frog
   Anotheca spinosa (Steindachner, 1864) -- Spiny-headed treefrog; Crowned treefrog; Coronated treefrog
   Duellmanohyla lythrodes (Savage, 1968) -- Savages brook frog
   Duellmanohyla rufioculis Taylor, 1952
   Duellmanohyla uranochroa (Cope, 1875) -- Costa rica brook frog; Red-eyed stream frog
   Gastrotheca cornuta (Boulenger, 1898) -- Horned marsupial frog
   Hemiphractus fasciatus Peters, 1862 -- Banded horned treefrogs
   Hyla angustilineata Taylor, 1952 -- Narrow-lined treefrog
   Hyla boans (Linnaeus, 1758) -- Zebra frog; Giant treefrog; Duck-footed frog; Rusty treefrog; Giant gladiator treefrog; Gladiator treefrog
   Hyla calypsa Lips, 1996
   Hyla colymba Dunn, 1931 -- La loma treefrog
   Hyla crepitans Wied-Neuwied, 1824 -- Rattle-voiced treefrog; Emerald-eyed treefrog; Flying frog
   Hyla debilis Taylor, 1952 -- Isla bonita treefrog
   Hyla ebraccata Cope, 1874 -- Hourglass treefrog
   Hyla graceae Myers and Duellman, 1982 -- Continental divide treefrog
   Hyla infucata Duellman, 1968
   Hyla lancasteri Barbour, 1928 -- Lancasters treefrog
   Hyla microcephala Cope, 1886 -- Yellow treefrog; Underwoods yellow treefrog; Small-headed treefrog; Yellow cricket treefrog
   Hyla miliaria (Cope, 1886) -- Copes brown treefrog
   Hyla molitor Schmidt, 1857 -- Schmidts bolivian treefrog
   Hyla palmeri Boulenger, 1908 -- Palmers treefrog
   Hyla phlebodes Stejneger, 1906 -- San carlos treefrog
   Hyla picadoi Dunn, 1937 -- Volcan barba treefrog
   Hyla pictipes Cope, 1875 -- Pico blanco treefrog
   Hyla pseudopuma Günther, 1901 -- Gunthers costa rican treefrog
   Hyla pugnax Schmidt, 1857 -- Chirique-flusse treefrog
   Hyla rivularis Taylor, 1952 -- American cinchona plantation treefrog
   Hyla rosenbergi Boulenger, 1898 -- Rosenbergs treefrog
   Hyla rufitela Fouquette, 1961 -- Canal zone treefrog
   Hyla subocularis Dunn, 1934 -- Rio tuquesa treefrog
   Hyla thysanota Duellman, 1966 -- Cerro mali treefrog
   Hyla tica Starrett, 1966 -- Starretts treefrog
   Hyla zeteki Gaige, 1929 -- Zeteks treefrog
   Phrynohyas venulosa Laurenti, 1768 -- Merian frog; Veined frog; Veined tree frog; Common tree frog; Warty tree frog; Marbled tree frog; Milky treefrog; Lost treefrog; Laurentis brown treefrog; Amazon milk frog
   Phyllomedusa lemur Boulenger, 1882 -- Lemur leaf frog; Lemur frog
   Phyllomedusa venusta Duellman and Trueb, 1967 -- Lovely leaf frog
   Ptychohyla legleri (Taylor, 1958) -- Leglers stream frog
   Scinax altae (Dunn, 1933)
   Scinax boulengeri (Cope, 1887) -- Boulengers snouted treefrog
   Scinax elaeochroa (Cope, 1875) -- Sipurio snouted treefrog; Scinax elaeochraoa
   Scinax elaeochrous (Cope, 1875) -- Sipurio snouted treefrog; Scinax elaeochraoa
   Scinax rostratus (Peters, 1863) -- Caracas snouted treefrog; Scinax rostrata
   Scinax ruber (Laurenti, 1768) -- Red snouted treefrog; Allens snouted treefrog
   Scinax staufferi (Cope, 1865) -- Stauffers treefrog; Stauffers longnosed treefrog
   Smilisca phaeota (Cope, 1862) -- New granada cross-banded treefrog; Tarraco treefrog; Central american smilisca
   Smilisca sila Duellman and Trueb, 1966 -- Panama cross-banded treefrog
   Smilisca sordida (Peters, 1863) -- Veragua cross-banded treefrog; Drab treefrog
Leptodactylidae -- Neotropical frogs; Rain frogs; Leptodactylid frogs
   Eleutherodactylus achatinus (Boulenger, 1898) -- Cachabi robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus altae Dunn, 1942 -- Mountain robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus andi (Savage, 1974) -- Atlantic robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus antillensis (Reinhardt and Lütken, 1863) -- Antilles robber frog; Coqui churi
   Eleutherodactylus azueroensis Savage, 1975 -- Azuero robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus bransfordi Cope, 1886 -- Bransfords robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus bufoniformis (Boulenger, 1896) -- Rusty robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus caryophyllaceus (Barbour, 1928) -- La loma robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus catalinae Campbell and Savage, 2000
   Eleutherodactylus cerasinus (Cope, 1875) -- Limon robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus crassidigitus Taylor, 1952 -- Isla bonita robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus cruentus (Peters, 1873) -- Chiriqui robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus diastema (Cope, 1875) -- Caretta robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus emcelae Lynch, 1985 -- Rio claro robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus fitzingeri (Schmidt, 1857) -- Fitzingers robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus fleischmanni (Boettger, 1892) -- Fleischmanns robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus gaigeae (Dunn, 1931) -- Fort randolph robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus gollmeri (Peters, 1863) -- Evergreen robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus hylaeformis (Cope, 1875) -- Pico blanco robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus jota Lynch, 1980 -- Rio changena robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus laticorpus Myers and Lynch, 1997
   Eleutherodactylus megacephalus (Cope, 1875)
   Eleutherodactylus melanostictus (Cope, 1875) -- Black-lined robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus monnichorum Dunn, 1940 -- Dunns robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus moro Savage, 1965 -- La hondura robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus museosus Ibáńez, Jaramillo, and Arosemena, 1994
   Eleutherodactylus noblei Barbour and Dunn, 1921 -- Nobles robber frog; Nobles leaf litter frog
   Eleutherodactylus obesus (Barbour, 1928)
   Eleutherodactylus opimus Savage and Myers, 2002
   Eleutherodactylus pardalis (Barbour, 1928) -- Leopard robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus phasma Lips and Savage, 1996
   Eleutherodactylus pirrensis Ibáńez and Crawford, 2004
   Eleutherodactylus podiciferus Cope, 1875 -- Cerro utyum robber frog; Eleutherodactylus podicifer
   Eleutherodactylus polyptychus (Cope, 1886)
   Eleutherodactylus punctariolus Peters, 1863 -- Bobs robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus quidditus Lynch, 2001
   Eleutherodactylus raniformis (Boulenger, 1896) -- Robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus ranoides (Cope, 1886)
   Eleutherodactylus rayo Savage and DeWeese, 1979 -- Sabana robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus rhyacobatrachus Campbell and Savage, 2000
   Eleutherodactylus rugosus (Peters, 1873) -- Veragua robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus rugulosus (Cope, 1870) -- Central american rain frog; Rugulose rain frog
   Eleutherodactylus stejnegerianus (Cope, 1893) -- Stejnegers rain frog
   Eleutherodactylus taeniatus (Boulenger, 1912) -- Banded robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus talamancae Dunn, 1931 -- Almirante robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus taurus Taylor, 1958 -- Golfito robber frog
   Eleutherodactylus underwoodi (Boulenger, 1896)
   Eleutherodactylus vocator Taylor, 1955 -- Agua buena robber frog
   Leptodactylus bolivianus Boulenger, 1898 -- Bolivian white-lipped frog; San miguel island frog
   Leptodactylus fragilis (Brocchi, 1877) -- Mexican white-lipped frog; White-lipped frog; Copes white-lipped frog; White-lipped foamfrog
   Leptodactylus fuscus (Schneider, 1799) -- Rufous frog; Lineated frog
   Leptodactylus melanonotus Hallowell, 1861 -- Black-backed frog; Fringe-toed foamfrog; Mexican river frog; Sabinal frog
   Leptodactylus mystacinus (Burmeister, 1861) -- Moustached frog; Leptodactylus labialis
   Leptodactylus pentadactylus Laurenti, 1768 -- Central american bullfrog; South american bullfrog; Smoky jungle frog; Slender-fingered bladder frog; Smoki jungle frog
   Leptodactylus poecilochilus (Cope, 1862) -- Turbo white-lipped frog
   Physalaemus pustulosus (Cope, 1864) -- Tungara frog; Tngara frog
   Pleurodema brachyops (Cope, 1869) -- Colombian four-eyed frog
   Pristimantis ridens (Cope, 1866) -- Rio san juan robber frog; Pygmy rain frog
Microhylidae -- Microhylid frogs; Narrowmouth toads; Narrow-mouthed frogs
   Chiasmocleis panamensis Dunn, Trapido and Evans, 1948 -- Panama humming frog
   Elachistocleis ovalis (Schneider, 1799) -- Oval frog; Common oval frog
   Nelsonophryne aterrima (Günther, 1901) -- Costa rica nelson frog
   Relictivomer pearsei (Ruthven, 1914) -- Colombian plump frog
Pipidae -- Clawed frogs; Surinam toads
   Pipa myersi Trueb, 1984 -- Myers surinam toad
Ranidae -- True frogs; Riparian frogs
   Rana vaillanti Brocchi, 1877 -- Vaillants frog
   Rana vibicaria (Cope, 1894) -- Rancho redondo frog
   Rana warszewitchii (Schmidt, 1857) -- Warszewitschs frog; Brilliant forest frog; Rana warszewitschii

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