Kinds of Caudata Panama

Salamanders and Newts of Panama

Andrew Durso, Thao Quan & John Pickering,
University of Georgia, Athens.

Compiled from American Museum of Natural History,
Amphibian Species of the World
and other sources.

Scientific name -- Other names
   Bolitoglossa biseriata Tanner, 1962
   Bolitoglossa colonnea Dunn, 1924
   Bolitoglossa compacta Brame and Duellman, 1973
   Bolitoglossa cuna Brame and Duellman, 1973
   Bolitoglossa lignicolor Peters, 1873
   Bolitoglossa marmorea Tanner and Brame, 1961
   Bolitoglossa medemi Brame and Wake, 1972
   Bolitoglossa minutula Wake, Brame and Duellman, 1973
   Bolitoglossa nigrescens Taylor, 1949 -- Black web-footed salamander
   Bolitoglossa phalarosoma Wake and Brame, 1962
   Bolitoglossa robusta Cope, 1894 -- Ringtail salamander
   Bolitoglossa schizodactyla Wake and Brame, 1966
   Bolitoglossa subpalmata Boulenger, 1896
   Bolitoglossa taylori Wake, Brame and Myers, 1970
   Oedipina alfaroi Dunn, 1921
   Oedipina collaris Stejneger, 1907
   Oedipina complex Dunn, 1924
   Oedipina cyclocauda Taylor, 1952
   Oedipina cyclocaudata
   Oedipina grandis Brame and Duellman, 1970
   Oedipina parvipes Peters, 1879
   Oedipina uniformis Keferstein, 1868

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